Stand out from the crowd
with the digital and social loyalty program

Save time
with mobile ordering with or without QR code

Boost your brand
turning your guests into referral customers at each order

  • Integrated and automaticloyalty program
  • Your customers recommend your restaurant to a friend with each order
  • Takeaway orders at only 6.5% per order
  • Free and unlimited table booking and on-site ordering
  • Delivery via our partners or using your own delivery staff
  • +13% on the average basket and up to 10 minutes saved per table
  • No activation fee, no subscription and no time commitment
DISCOVERY OFFER: 50% off for the first two months
Foodepic Digital
Innovative and digital loyalty program

For every order on Foodepic, either on-site or takeaway, your customers earn loyalty points to claim in your restaurant and they share one with a friend of their choice, in order to bring a new customer to you.

Foodepic Digital
Takeaway with ultra-competitive pricing

Take advantage of the most competitive prices on the market for takeaway orders. Your first dish online in less than 10 minutes. No need for a website, access our network and gain new customers.

Foodepic Digital
Free booking and QR code orders

The 100% free solution with table booking, digital menu, ordering and loyalty program also for your on-site customers. No activation fee and no time commitment, you enable only the functionalities you need.

Foodepic Digital
A social feed to increase your visibility

When customers place an order, your restaurant appears on their friends' Foodepic feed, in real time and as a link, in order to trigger a viral effect and provide you targeted advertising.

Digital word of

The key to word of mouth is the trust that exists between friends. This is also the reason why Foodepic will help you gain new customers: with each order on Foodepic, your customers share with their friends:

  • a loyalty point to claim in your restaurant
  • the name of your restaurant as a link in the Foodepic feed


A social feed dedicated to you

Every time customers offer a point to claim in your restaurant, all their friends on Foodepic see the name of your restaurant, in the form of a link and in real-time.

How does it work?

Screenshot 1


The customer scans the QR code (or opens the Foodepic app) to view the menu

Screenshot 2


The customer sends the order and the restaurant accepts it with one tap

Screenshot 3


The customer earns loyalty points and shares one with a friend on Foodepic (referral). Moreover, the order appears on her friends' feed.

Referral and targeted

Takeaway with ultra competitive pricing

Management of your team's tasks and profiles

10 minutes saved per table with online ordering

Up to+13% increase on the average ticket

Efficient and digital loyalty program

Woman smiling

The free on-site ordering solution

Depending on your needs, servers take orders or customers use their phones to order.

Ordering online via Foodepic not only allows you to tap into your customer network, but also to save up to 10 minutes per table, increase your average bill by 13% and your tips by up to 40%. And you keep your preferred payment methods.

People Eating Couch

Takeaway and delivery orders

Many competitors charge up to 40% for takeaway orders. On Foodepic, takeaway fees are lower (much... lower) and delivery uses a per-ride charge, calculated by our partner Stuart, based on the order and distance.

In addition, if you wish, you can further reduce your delivery costs by using your own delivery staff.

Screenshot Allergènes et Labels Qualité

Allergens and Quality Labels

Foodepic provides the possibility to create menus and dishes in accordance with the European directive 1169/2011, ensuring consistency in the communication of allergens.

You can inform your customers if your dishes are covered by European certifications, such as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) or Traditional Speciality Guarantee (TSG). National certifications and labels are also supported by Foodepic, including Agriculture Biologique (AB), Label Rouge, Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) and many others. The number of certifications is growing rapidly on Foodepic.

3 (very) simple steps
to get started with Foodepic Business

Foodepic Digital
Sign up

I download Foodepic Business and access Foodepic's network of foodies. No activation or subscription fees.

Foodepic No Contact
I publish my offers

I publish my menus, autonomously and with my smartphone (or tablet). If I want, I enable online ordering and I can print a QR code for each table.

Foodepic Paiement
Done !

My customers can see my menus with their smartphones, via QR code (on-site) or the Foodepic app (takeaway or delivery). If I enabled online ordering, they can send orders to my restaurant.

Manager with tablet

You are free !

Foodepic Business gives you total independence and real-time control over your dishes, offers and all information about your restaurant. Create a profile for each member of your team and manage their activities and permissions.

With no activation fee, no subscription and no time commitment, you can sign up for Foodepic by simply downloading the app on your devices.


Increase your sales and personalise your offers

Increase your profits via the Foodepic upselling system, by recommending to your customers wines or dishes that go well together, every time they view your menus.

Promote specific dishes for both takeaway and on-site menus, by offering discounts from 10% to 50% for those dishes that you want to advertise.

Tablet functionalities
Mouse over to zoom in

Your restaurant, your rules

Benefit from the extreme flexibility of Foodepic. Specify photos, description, translations, allergens, personal labels, official certifications, discounts, daily menu, payment method and much more...

Foodepic offers many functionalities for you and your customers, but you enable only those you need (ex. only the QR code menu).

The most transparent, simple and competitive pricing on the market

Activation and subscription fees €0
Time commitment None
Digital menu with QR code Free
On-site orders Free and unlimited
you keep your preferred payment methods
Takeaway or delivery by your team 6,5% par commande
First 2 months only 3.25% per order
Secure payment via Stripe
Delivery by our partners Stuart pricing
fees are shared with your customers
Table reservations Included and unlimited
Feature management Included
you only activate the features you want
Management of promotions Included
Team management and their tasks Included
Measuring the performance of dishes Included
People collaborating
Only the essential: